Not every woman has How to Look Good Naked host Carson Kressley around to boost her self-confidence. If your self-image needs an adjustment, Carson says to keep these thoughts in mind:
  • Take baby steps.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Get rid of clothes that are too big or too small. "Keep the sizes that work for you and that fit for you, and then get rid of the other stuff," Carson says. "Don't mourn your old body."
  • Look at your whole body. "Don't just focus on the bad stuff. If you have bad thighs, don't automatically go there every day when you wake up and look at that," he says. "Look at the good stuff, and reprogram your brain into thinking, 'This is good. This is good. This isn't so great. So what?'"
When you are shopping, Carson suggests a few tricks of the trade you should keep in mind to minimize your flaws and flaunt your assets.
  • If you are worried about big hips, wear flared jeans. "You don't want a skinny, peg-leg jean because that's just going to accentuate that shape," he says.
  • Big purses can make your butt seem smaller.
  • A wrap dress in a knit fabric can be flattering. "It's body-hugging in all the right places, and it's forgiving in the right places," Carson says.
  • Knit spandex can help to give your arms some shape and minimize jiggling.
  • A large pattern can help to camouflage the stomach.
  • A cute patent leather belt can help to define the waist. "It just cinches you in and gives you a great waistline," Carson says.
  • A long jacket can help to elongate your look. "When you feel short-waisted ... you tend to wear very short garments, and that only accentuates a boxiness. If you wear longer, more column-like things, it just makes you look longer. It's like magic," Carson says.


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