It's O, The Oprah Magazine's 10th anniversary, and to celebrate, Oprah has gathered her superstar team of experts under one roof for the first time.

Dr. Phil McGraw got his start on The Oprah Show before branching out to host his own talk show, Dr. Phil. Since his very first day on The Oprah Show, he's been delivering honest advice with his signature wit...and his signature mustache. But to keep life interesting, Dr. Phil says you need to throw in a game-changer every now and then. "People get into ruts too much," he says. "I think we wind up just kind of living somebody else's script for our life. We do what we're expected to do, and it is so easy to wind up just going through the motions instead of doing what you want to do." 

Dr. Phil doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Determined to shake things up himself, he's agreed to shave off the mustache his fans—and his family—have gotten used to. "For the first time in over 40 years, ... I am going to take off the mustache," he says. "I have to practice what I preach!"

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