Suze Orman

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To take action, Suze says there are five things you should do right now to make sure you are protected. First, make sure your savings are safe—and that doesn't mean under your mattress. She says to keep your money in banks, money market accounts and money market deposit accounts that are FDIC insured.

Even if your bank goes under, Suze says your money is safe if it is in an FDIC-insured bank. "It will take you two days and you'll have your money back," she says. To find out if your bank or account is FDIC insured, go to

If your money is in a credit union, Suze says to make sure it is NCUA insured. "They happen to insure 98 percent of all the credit unions out there," she says. If your credit union falls in the two percent that is not NCUA insured, Suze recommends moving your money to a credit union that is.

Government-backed treasury bills, bonds or notes and treasury money market accounts are also safe options. "They are safe as safe can be," Suze says.