Oprah and Felicity Huffman

When Oprah found out that Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman's wildest dream was to be a backup singer, the wildest dream machine went to work! After all, Oprah had some experience backing up the best , so she knew exactly who to call. When the backup gig was set, Oprah secretly showed up on the set of Desperate Housewives to surprise this unsuspecting star.

Oprah: I've got you a gig as a backup singer. You're going to come to Chicago, and you're going to be a backup singer to the one and only Tina Turner.

Felicity: Oh my God! No…I'm such a loser!

Oprah: No. You're gonna be hot. It's gonna be hot. You'll have the most fun. I did it once and it was the most fun. I haven't had so much fun until today. You and Tina Turner.
Felicity Huffman

Singing backup to Tina's "You Better Be Good to Me," Felicity had the time of her life.

Oprah: What did that feel like?

Felicity: It felt like a racecar. It was like great sex!
Tina Turner's Biggest Fan

Ena might just be Tina Turner's biggest fan. Since the age of four, she's been in love with Tina's singing. When she was just eight years old, Ena read Tina's autobiography in one day! At 15, she sold 800 lollipops to fund her cross country trip to her first Tina Turner concert.

Ena, now a college student in Radford, VA, didn't know that her wildest dream was about to come true—we're sending Ena and her mom to meet Tina Turner at her home in Zurich!

"I'm freaking out," Ena says. "This is just so big. It's my wildest dream, Oprah. Thank you!"
Ena Scott and Tina Turner

Ena meeting Tina in Zurich marked our first international wildest dream! After meeting Tina at her beautiful lakeside estate, Chateau Algonquin, Ena and her mother got the best tour guide in the city—Tina herself.

Ena: You know what, when I first dreamed it [meeting Tina], I always thought it would maybe be a high five in a crowd. So this was bigger than anything I could have dreamed. I couldn't have imagined this. This changes my life, you know? This is amazing.

Oprah: You're 20 years old. So what has having this wildest dream come true taught you, if anything?

Ena: It means I have to dream bigger now! I have to. Because once you get your biggest dream, what do you do?

Tina: You have to go past it.

Ena: Yeah, you have to go past it. And so now I'm just, like, oh, I'm going to take over the world!
Tina Turner

As a special performance for the The Oprah Show audience, Tina debuts "Open Arms" from her brand new double-disc album All the Best.

Tina ends her amazing performance with a dedication: "That's for you, Oprah!"
Tina Turner and Oprah

Oprah finally asks the question that's on everyone's mind…

Oprah: What could we possibly do to get you to tour again? What can I do? Is it a campaign? Is it a vote? I know I'm putting you on the spot, but I don't care. When I saw you on the stage here—that is so hot. People need to feel that one more time. Just one more time.

Tina: I can come and do it on Oprah's show as often as she wants. But to go on tour every night—that's a bit much…I know there's a high expectation of Tina Turner, and I don't want them to say "She can't do it like she used to."

Oprah: I'm just saying one major concert in New York City. We'll all come. Think about it.

Tina: I'll think about it.
Tina Turner

"For me," says Oprah, "going to a Tina concert…you feel like you can change the world. It really is a religious experience. When you see a true artist, you come out of it and you think 'I can be better' after seeing somebody who is their best."

Tina's new album, All the Best, "really is all the best," says Oprah. "It's so well done because it has every one of her greatest songs. It's a must have!"
Tina performs for The Oprah Show audience

The show couldn't end without the The Oprah Show's season's signature song—Tina closes with "In Your Wildest Dreams."