Lisa, Connie, Angel and Laura before

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Michael, Bobbi and Orlando have their hands full with four serious fashion offenders.

With more than 76 years of service between them, Detective Connie Perusich, Officer Lisa Barraco, Officer Angela Wormley and Officer Laura Yukawa are among Chicago's toughest cops. In order to serve and protect, these women sent their style to the slammer long ago. When on patrol, the only jewelry allowed are wedding bands, hair must be pulled back, nails must be kept short and bright colors are forbidden. "The way we have to dress is a crime," Angela says.

Lisa, Connie, Angela and Laura are so accustomed to their daily uniforms, they say it's hard to leave their serious police style behind. "I'm always looking like a police officer," Lisa says. "That's just the daily grind, day in and day out, and it's just hard to let that go when you're not on duty."