Lisa, Connie, Angel and Laura after

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After spending a day with their beauty team, Chicago's finest say goodbye to their polyester blues!

Connie, Lisa, Angela and Laura step onto the stage dressed head to toe in Michael Kors' designs, focusing on drapey fabrics, gorgeous earth tones and plenty of sparkle. "Just easy and sexy," Michael says. To complete the looks, Michael accessorizes the women with jewelry from his brand new collection, which launches in Fall 2011.

Since these police officers spend a lot of time outdoors, Bobbi says the keys to their makeup makeovers are moisturizer and coverage that evens out skin tones. "And the secret of the universe?" Bobbi says. "Corrector concealer."

To make a big impact, Orlando says women just need to make small changes to their hair. "I always say, 'If you've got the same haircut three or four times, it's time to start changing it up a little bit,'" he says. "After all, hair is your best accessory, and you wear it every day."

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