After his groundbreaking revelation about S-shaped poop, Dr. Oz inspired Americans to look in their toilets. Now, he's back to help viewers figure out what's normal when it comes to health and hygiene.
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Dr. Oz goes deep with his first question: How often do people pick their noses? The results might shock you. "It's five times an hour," he says. "I'm talking about just going to your nose, ... not trying to touch your brain."

Dr. Oz says the issue is less about touching your nose and more about keeping your hands clean. "If someone sneezed on [this chair] two hours ago, maybe even six hours ago, the viruses on there could still be alive," he says. "So if I were to touch that chair and then go to my nose, my nose is a petri dish. [It has] nice, moist mucus membranes. And then we begin to colonize [viruses]." 

So whether you pick, scratch or just brush, Dr. Oz urges everyone to keep their hands clean. "At the end of the day, it's just a matter of being smart about the reality of what we unconsciously do to groom ourselves."

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