Destiny's Child

 They are the world's best-selling female group ever. They've sold over 30 million records worldwide. But three years ago, after two GRAMMYs and a string of hits, this superstar trio took a break, bumming out their millions of fans.

Well, they're back! Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams returned to The Oprah Show to talk about the Destiny's Child reunion!

Oprah: How does it feel to be together again on stage in front of millions of people?

Beyoncé: It's so magical. It really is.

Michelle: It's amazing. A lot of people said we wouldn't do it, or [asked] how could we do it after our solo success. We're friends first. We're sisters. And we love each other. We're loyal. I mean, destiny. I could just say so many things.... There's nothing like it. I mean, the energy that you have when it's your sisters on stage with you, you know, you do what you love. It's just something that—it would have been foolish [not to].
Beyonce and Oprah

During the group's hiatus, Beyoncé launched her solo career—and ultimately stole the show at the 2004 GRAMMYs, winning five of the coveted awards and tying the all-time record for most GRAMMYs won by a female artist!

Oprah: So when you're out there on the stage by yourself, that's got to feel pretty good, too.... This has been an amazing year for you!

Beyoncé: It feels good, because sometimes you need that time to get to know yourself and to challenge yourself. And I know when you're in a group, you depend so much on each other that, you know, sometimes you need to say, "I can do this," and know your strengths and know what you need to work on and know what you need to, you know, learn.... And I think all of us did that. And we matured so much, vocally, and just knowing who we are now. Because, being in a group, you share the same likes and food and everything because you're with each other all the time.
Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child

Michelle says she learned a lot during the time she was away from the group, and that her confidence grew. Michelle and Kelly also had success with their solo careers—Michelle topped the gospel charts with her albums, and Kelly's duet with hip-hop superstar Nelly, "Dilemma," won a Grammy!

"I felt like I could do anything," she says. "Just being thrust into certain things by yourself. You have to grow. And sometimes it's good when you're separated, that you have that time to grow."

But Kelly adds that the time apart also made her realize exactly how much she missed the camaraderie of the group.

"Because sometimes you get on stage by [yourself] and you're like, 'Hey, I just forgot a word.' And then you [realize you] don't have the girls," Kelly says of singing solo. "So you have to really depend on yourself. I think you have that time to focus on what you need to pull up."
Destiny's Child perform a medley of their hits.

Destiny's Child dazzles the audience with a special medley of their top hits, "Say My Name," "Independent Woman" and "Survivor." And they finish off their performance with their new smash hit single, "Lose My Breath."

Destiny's Child's CD, Destiny Fulfilled, is in stores now.