Dave Chappelle

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At 32, Dave Chappelle has been a professional stand-up comedian and an actor for nearly 20 years. The debut of his sketch comedy show on Comedy Central in 2003 made him a household name. After just two seasons on the air, Chappelle's Show was considered one of the funniest shows on TV.

Dave's trademark humor—outrageous, politically incorrect explorations of popular culture, race, sex, drugs and fame—infused every skit. His fans love quoting his lines, especially his impersonation of funk music impresario Rick James.

Despite the show's controversial subjects, it became the highest rated program on Comedy Central and earned three Emmy nominations. When the first season was released on DVD, it became the best-selling TV show in DVD history!

Then, in April 2005, a year after signing a two-year, $50 million contract to continue Chappelle's Show, Dave abruptly walked off the set and...disappeared. Almost no one, including his wife and kids, knew where he went.