Nastia Liukin

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Nastia says she began envisioning her medals long before she boarded the flight to Beijing. About a month before the Olympic Games began, Nastia says she saw an episode of The Oprah Show that featured the book The Secret.

"My mom had read it before, and she kept telling me, 'You should really read this book. It's a good book,' and I was just, like, 'Yeah, I'll get around to it,'" she says. Then when I watched your show I said, 'Okay, I guess I should really read it since Oprah read it.'"

Nastia says the lessons she learned from The Secret changed her way of thinking. "It inspired me so much, and so I made a vision board. I Googled the Olympic medals of Beijing—I'd never seen them before—and I printed a picture and put a big picture of a gold medal on it."