Jeffrey before

From pleated khakis to denim shorts, men commit style violations in this country every day—and there's only one man who can stop these crimes of fashion. Super stylist Carson Kressley is hitting the road in Oprah's Make Over My Man van to right these fashion wrongs. "It's like a cruise ship of style," he says. "We can make over guys anywhere. It's so good. It helps me do my missionary work out in the field."

Carson's first stop is a place crawling with underdressed men—the NCAA Final Four basketball championship. There he meets Jeffrey, who hasn't cut his hair in years. "My wife might like that," he says. "It's been about 20 years since she's seen anything different."

Jeffrey after

With a cleaned up beard and his long locks shorn, Jeffrey's makeover is a slam dunk—and his wife is thrilled. 

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"It's raining men," Carson says. "I've got to go find some more. My work is not nearly done."

All pieces from Dillard's. Jeans: Levi's Slim Straight; shirt: green linen; watch: Kenneth Cole with orange rubber band; shoes: Rockport Vicuna Nubuck; sunglasses: Steve Madden; socks: Ralph Lauren; undershirt: Calvin Klein. 
Terry before

Carson's next stop is Hooters,a haven for chicken wings and fashion don'ts. After talking with the waitresses, Carson realizes it's not just the customers that need a makeover. The man who needs the most help is their manager, Terry.

Carson only has to take one look at Terry's work polo, faded dad jeans and black sneakers to know he's found the right candidate. "All right, Terry," Carson says. "Let's skedaddle."

Terry after

Carson and his team clip, snip and primp Terry to perfection. He steps off the man makeover van ready for business in crisp khakis, a button-down shirt and a navy jacket. 

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All pieces from Dillard's. Blazer: Calvin Klein; shirt: Thomas Dean; pocket square: Daniel Cremieux; shoes: Robert Wayne.
Veron before

Carson spies fashion fouls aplenty as his Indianapolis manhunt continues. Right before the big game, Veron's metallic button-down shirt catches Carson's eye. "You have an orange capri pant on with the largest mandals known to man," Carson says.
Veron after

With only five minutes until tip-off, Carson transforms this father of four from fashion bait to fashion plate. "I just couldn't let you go to the game looking like that," Carson says.

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All pieces from Dillard's. Denim: Levi's dark 501 jeans; blazer: Daniel Cremieux; shoes: Cole Haan Air Jefferson; sunglasses; shirt: Tre Vero.
John before

On the way to his final stop in Louisville, Kentucky, Carson picks up a special passenger. Marilyn is desperate for her son, John, to get rid of his dreadlocks and clean up his act. "I just love everything about him. He's free-spirited. He's creative," she says. "But when people look at him now, I think they don't see the real John."

Marilyn says her son, a grad student who works full time, promised he'd cut his hair for graduation. "Recently when I spoke with him he said, 'Mom, why don't you find me a makeover show?'" she says. "I said, 'I can do that, John.' And so here we are."

Together, Carson and Marilyn ambush a stunned John at work. "We've got to unravel the dreads and see what we're working with," Carson says. "Maybe get him in some not-so-bright-blue clothes and make him look cool and young and kind of artistic."

"I'm ready for this, I guess," John says.

John after

In just one hour, Carson transforms John's "dreadful" look. "We got some great basics. Just a little micro-gingham blue shirt. A slim-fit blazer that he can wear on an interview, " Carson says. "He's starting kind of a new phase in his life ,so he wanted to let go of the dreads, look a little bit more mature but still be cool. So that's why we did it with the skinny-fit dark rinse jean and a great wing tip. He just looks really handsome."

After wearing dreads for nearly five years, John says his new look feels much lighter. "The clothes are great. My mom is as happy as she'll ever be, so it's awesome," he says. "It's very reminiscent of a long time ago." 

Jacket: Calvin Klein,; jeans: Levi's 510 Super Skinny,; shirt: Tasso Elba,; shoes: Johnston & Murphy Melton,; tie:

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