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He's toned down outrageous outfits and mile-high hairstyles, taught women how to look good naked and solved crimes against fashion from Oprah's Make Over My Man van. Now, Carson Kressley is taking on a new challenge: America's worst-dressed couples!

From a man who hasn't worn pants in nine years to a woman who thinks it's acceptable to wear slippers to the grocery store, Carson is helping style-challenged couples look a little less shabby and a lot more chic.
Nina and Randy before

Nina and Randy Before
Nina and Randy have been married for five years and say they've gone from city chic to a couple of country bumpkins.

"We've gotten more and more relaxed, less conscious of what we really look like when we leave the house, which is scary," Nina says.

Nina's closet consists of bulky sweaters, dowdy plaid shirts and ill-fitting cargo pants, while Randy has developed an affinity for dad jeans and worn-out shoes. "We used to be so fashionable, sexy, chic—and now we are too countrified, too casual," Nina says. "We really need some help."
Nina and Randy after

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Nina and Randy After
After spending time with Carson and his team, Nina and Randy see each other for the first time since their makeovers!

Hairstylist Ken Paves revived Nina's hair with an old Hollywood look for a touch of glamour. As for the old adage that redheads can't wear red, Carson says this sleek dress works great on Nina. "Throw those rules away," Carson says. "If it looks good, rock it."

For Randy, Carson knows a suit and tie won't fit his country lifestyle, so dark-wash jeans and a dressed-up sweater are the happy medium. Instead of a formal tie, Carson says men can throw on a scarf when they want to appear pulled-together. "It's not a tie, but it still looks like you're making an effort," Carson says. "It's a nice touch of color and pattern and brings the outfit to
John and Kate before

John and Kate Before
John and Kate are just a few years out of college and say it's time they started dressing like grown-ups.

John has developed a common theme with his current wardrobe: from his shoes to his shirts to his beloved "jorts," everything has holes!

Kate's only goal is comfort—and her collection of sweats and robes fits the bill. It's not just her closet that needs help—John is also her unprofessional hairstylist! "When I went to get my hair cut last May, they said that my right side was 2 inches longer than my left side," she says. "I didn't know that, but I don't think John's doing such a hot job."
John and Kate after

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John and Kate After
Now, John and Kate's look is mature and modern. Carson says part of being a young professional is discovering your personal style, and he knows just what John's look is.

"You're the 'retro sexual,'" Carson says. "It means embracing classic menswear styles that your father or grandfather would have worn. It's really the hot trend in menswear now."

Along with her sophisticated style, Kate has a shiny new accessory to show off—an engagement ring! John proposed a few days before their Oprah Show makeovers, and Kate said yes.
Mia and Ty before

Mia and Ty Before
When Mia first met Ty, she says she should have known he was going to be a fashion disaster. "He was a very sexy young man in uniform, but he owned two pairs of pants and five shirts," she says.

Ty's new uniform consists of T-shirts, shorts, socks and flip-flops—his entire wardrobe fits in just two drawers. "Ty's style is basically 2010 grunge," Mia says.

But Mia's family isn't letting her off the hook, either. Although she's a real estate agent and needs to look pulled together, Mia lives in sweats and her beloved Lakers T-shirts. "Her style is Alabama sexy," Ty says.
Mia and Ty after

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Mia and Ty After
Carson took Mia and Ty out of their boxy, baggy clothes and gave them a look that shows off their sexy sides. "The first thing we wanted to do with Mia was to focus on her body and show off some of her curves," Carson says. "So we did a nice skinny-fit jean. It's got a lot of Lycra in it, which is really important because it's going to hug in all the right places and give in all the right places."

To polish up Ty for a night out, Carson opted for a fitted jean with black boots and a streamlined look on top. "The vest is really a great look for guys because it's very, very slimming and the leather jacket is a nice alternative to a sports coat," Carson says.
Linda and Clark before

Linda and Clark Before
Joanne nominated her sister Linda and her brother-in-law Clark for a makeover because their looks aren't just outdated—they're from another century!

Nine years ago, Clark discovered a love for a peculiar fashion item: the kilt. Now, he wears one every day—even to class, where he works as a law professor. "He has a summer kilt, a plaid kilt, a camo kilt," Joanne says. "He even has a sport kilt."

Most days, Linda can be found wearing mom jeans, a baggy flannel shirt and Birkenstock sandals with socks. Like her wardrobe, her hair is in much need of an update. "She told me the last time she cut her hair was 1985," Joanne says.
Linda and Clark after

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Linda and Clark After
Clark says he hasn't worn pants in nine years, but today, he's looking dapper in a perfectly tailored suit. However, there is one reason Clark might return to his 17 kilts at home. "I tell you, this is the honest truth," he says. "Kilts are chick magnets like nothing I've ever seen before!"

Linda's makeover wasn't just about a new look but about accepting herself. While Ken worked his magic on Linda's hair, he says she couldn't look in the mirror. "The hardest thing for Linda to do was look at herself," he says.

Now, Linda says she feels glamorous. "And I'm also glad not to be wearing the pants in the family!" she says.
Becky and Darren before

Becky and Darren Before
Becky has been married for 20 years to her Tom Selleck look-alike husband, Darren. But in his baseball cap, T-shirt and holey jeans, Becky thinks he's starting to look like a different celebrity. "Darren also wears overalls, and I'm starting to think he is resembling Mario from Mario Brothers," she says.

As for Becky, her daily nurse uniform is always the same: scrubs. When it's time to leave the house and run errands, Becky sees no reason to change out of her house slippers. "I wear them everywhere," she says.
Becky and Darren after

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Becky and Darren After
No more Mario! Darren's makeover starts with a freshly shaved face. "I know you were thinking Selleck, but I wanted to go a little bit more Jon Hamm," Carson says. "A little bit more of this era."

To dress Darren up without buttoning him up, Carson chose a tobacco-colored cashmere sport coat and a slimming turtleneck. "You don't have to put on a shirt and a tie and go through all that trouble," he says. "You can pop on this black turtleneck."

For Becky, Carson chose a new take on the sexy leopard dress with a slate blue print. A belt is added to accentuate her waist, and a leather jacket gives the look a touch of cool. Carson opted for black opaque hose and black boots to create one long, lean line. "She's petite," Carson says. "It gives her a little extra length."

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