Susan Nethero could be your "breast" friend. Over the years, she has hoisted and squeezed and adjusted more than 100,000 pairs of breasts. And she's here to share her best bra shopping advice!
All women lose firmness as they get older—so do their bras. "When you buy a bra," Susan says, "make sure it fits you in the loosest hook. That way you can tighten the bra to the second and third hook as the bra ages and retain the firmness and the lift."

Where to Wear Your Bra

According to Susan, the perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows. And your bra should be level front to back. Susan says most women wear their bra bands too high on their torsos and throw their measurements off. "Most women keep going up in the back [increasing their band size] instead of getting a deeper cup," Susan says. "We want to keep the back lean and small so we can lift the bust. [The bra band is] like a bridge—if it's properly planted at the base, it can lift."

In order for your bra to keep its shape and support, Susan says you should change bras throughout the week. "I always say a bra needs a day of rest," she says. "You shouldn't wear the same bra two days in a row because you'll wear out the support elastic and it does need to find its memory."

Susan says there are obvious clues your bra is the wrong size:
  • If your cups runneth over, it's time to go up a cup size.
  • If your cups dimple, it's time to go down a cup size.
  • If you have the dreaded back fat, you probably think your bra is too tight, but you're wrong—your bra is too big. Wearing the bra lower on your back with a smaller band size will completely eliminate the back fat.
  • If your strap falls down, that means your bra band is riding up and you probably need to go down a band size.

A Fitting Location
Susan Nethero helps women find the right bra size at her Intimacy stores in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta, with stores coming soon in Miami and Houston. Visit Intimacy's website to find a fitting location near you.
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