Anette and Landon talk about their regrets.

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Anette says she doesn't regret hiring the stripper, but she does regret having the photos developed. "The way I feel about things in life with kids is: If they're going to do something—try something—I want them to do it while I'm around," Anette explains. "I know they're safe."

Landon, who says he was initially opposed to having a stripper at his son's birthday party, says he regrets not taking action to stop the stripper's performance. "I would not let it happen again," Landon says. "I know I would literally fight to stop it."

Both Anette and Landon agree that the consequences have wreaked havoc on their lives. In addition to legal woes, the couple says they have suffered financially and emotionally. When news of the party became public, Landon says it cost him his house-painting business and the family almost lost their home. Anette says she feared losing her children and suffers from depression.