The crew sets the stage.

On What's Playing on Your iPod Concert with Carrie Underwood, Tony Bennett and Josh Groban, singing sensations perform their hits. Before taping, the crew makes sure everything onstage is ready to go.
Oprah and Jill

Oprah talks to Jill, an Oprah Show supervising producer, before taping begins.
Tony Bennett and Reggie Wells

During a break in taping, music legend Tony Bennett poses for a picture with makeup artist Reggie Wells.
Howie Mandel and Oprah

Oprah gets ready to play the game show Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel.
Howie Mandel chats with a crew member.

During a break, Howie chats with a crew member before the next segment.
Oprah and Reggie

Oprah and Reggie joke around onstage before the show I Walked Away from Millions.
The audience collected 32,046 pairs of pajamas for needy children.

In the show, audience members surprise guest Genevieve Piturro with more than 32,000 pairs of pajamas! Genevieve is the founder of a charity called Pajama Program, which provides sleepwear for needy children.
Oprah and Andre

Oprah's hairstylist, Andre Walker, gives her hair one final spray before she tapes the show Back from the Brink of Suicide.
Oprah, Tina and Harpo employees during a break.

Before taping a segment with a show guest named Tina, Harpo employees make sure everything is ready to go.