Dr. Oz and a Harpo staff member before the show

It's a historic Oprah Show event—and Dr. Oz is ready! The audience at Harpo Studios is filled with men only, and they can ask Dr. Oz anything. The doctor is on call as a Harpo employee talks to the audience just before the taping of 300 Men Ask Dr. Oz begins.
Dr. Oz and Oprah

After hosting a show full of "guy talk," Dr. Oz and Oprah share a laugh as she returns to the stage.
Oprah introduces the show.

Halle Berry's going to have her first baby—and she's here to talk to Oprah about it! Oprah gets ready to introduce Halle on-camera before she takes the stage.
Art Smith and Oprah

Oprah's former personal chef, Art Smith, has opened a new restaurant in Chicago called Table Fifty-Two, and he's coming to The Oprah Show to talk about it! Before unveiling two of Table Fifty-Two's most popular recipes, Art and Oprah share a laugh while prepping for their segment.
Oprah gives Chef Art Smith a bite of his famous biscuits.

In the last few minutes before taping, Oprah just can't wait to eat some of Chef Art Smith's goat cheese drop biscuits. Art doesn't mind having one, either!
The audience gets a biscuit sample, too.

The audience gets to sample the biscuits, too!
Inside Table Fifty-Two

Art's restaurant, Table Fifty-Two., is getting rave reviews. The beautiful dining room was designed by Andre Walker and David Simmons of Walker Simmons Design.
The food bar at Table Fifty-Two

The magic happens here. Art uses his wood-burning oven to create delicious pizzas and even macaroni and cheese!
Oprah talks to the show guests.

Everyone gets into position for the taping of Why Did I Get Married?
Janet Jackson and Oprah

During a commercial break, Oprah checks out Janet Jackson's very, very tall high-heeled shoes.
Oprah poses for a picture.

Oprah takes time to pose for some pictures in the hallway outside the studio.

The lights are down and everyone's ready as Oprah introduces the show Eat, Pray, Love and Oprah's Book Club Announcement.
Dean and Oprah

Dean, the stage manager, and Oprah talk during a commercial break.

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