William Shatner and Oprah

Oprah poses for a picture with William Shatner after taping a segment of the show Rocker Rick Springfield, TV Legends Henry Winkler and William Shatner.
The audience claps along as Rick Springfield performs.

The audience gets to their feet and claps along as Rick Springfield sings his legendary hit "Jessie's Girl."

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Kelly, Dean and Oprah on the recreated set of 'Happy Days.'

The Oprah Show set is completely recreated as Al's Diner from the '70s sitcom Happy Days in honor of Henry Winkler's appearance on the show. Oprah's stylist, Kelly, comes onstage to make a wardrobe adjustment before the segment begins.
Henry Winkler

The Fonz arrives at Al's Diner!
Henry Winkler backstage

Henry chats with the Oprah Show director and producers backstage.
Henry Winkler backstage

Henry talks to a Harpo crew member while former Cosby Show kid Malcolm-Jamal Warner stands in the background.
Dr. Oz and Oprah bump fists.

Dr. Oz reaches up to pound fists with Oprah as she takes the stage for the show Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time.
Oprah takes the stage.

Oprah takes the stage before the show Beauty Queen Raped by Her Husband begins taping.  
Oprah and Kelly

Kelly, Oprah's stylist, gives her wardrobe a last-minute adjustment before the show begins.
Lisa Bloch Rodwin and Oprah

After the show, Oprah chats backstage with show guest Lisa Bloch Rodwin.
Oprah greets Amy and Matt Roloff.

Oprah welcomes Amy and Matt Roloff to the stage during American's Favorite Little People Family Plus the Jonas Brothers Phenomenon.
The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers walk out to an audience filled with some of their biggest fans.
Oprah and the Jonas Brothers

A crowd of Jonas Brothers fans who didn't get a ticket to The Oprah Show are waiting outside Harpo Studios. Oprah and the guys plan a surprise meet and greet.
The Jonas Brothers fans

A crowd of elated Jonas Brothers fans waiting outside get a quick hello from Oprah and their favorite band.

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Oprah and Dean

During a break in the show Growing Up Intersex, Oprah and stage manager Dean get ready for the next segment.
Oprah wraps up a taping.

It's showtime! As the audience looks on, Oprah wraps up the taping of Growing Up Intersex at Harpo Studios.