Oprah gets ready to welcome Mariah Carey.

After spending a weekend under the weather, Oprah takes the stage to welcome superstar Mariah Carey , who now has more number one hits than Elvis Presley! "I hear a lot of Elvis fans are upset. It's okay," Oprah says. "He's still the king. And now she has her own crown."
Oprah and Dr. Oz make their entrance.

Oprah introduces a very familiar face to the audience before the taping of Emergency House Call: Dr. Oz and a Family in Crisis .
Dr. Oz and Oprah get stage directions from Dean and a producer.

It's almost showtime! Dr. Oz reviews a few notes while stage manager Dean straightens things up. In the meantime, Terry, a producer, gives Oprah a few directions.
Oprah and Bailie

After her mom and dad talked to Dr. Oz, 6-year-old Bailie gets to hang out with Oprah.
Maria Shriver and Oprah

Oprah and longtime friend Maria Shriver share a laugh .
Oprah and Dean

Stage manager Dean gives Oprah a few last-minute updates before she gets ready to talk via Skype to women who have been affected by Maria Shriver's book Just Who Will You Be?
Oprah and the Dominguez family

Oprah issued some stern instructions to help this family cut down on the amount of waste in their lives . Tina and Oprah share a moment during break.
Dean gives Marcus Buckingham and Oprah directions.

Business expert Marcus Buckingham flew in months ago to run a career workshop with 30 women and Oprah. Before he can help the rest of the country put their strengths to work, stage manager Dean preps him for the show.
Marcus Buckingham and Oprah

All camera angles are covered during Oprah's show with Marcus Buckingham.
Oprah talks about her shoes.

Before the end of Oprah's taping with Marcus, workshop participant Vanessa compliments Oprah's shoes. Oprah says they look beautiful, but don't feel that great. "Who wants to walk around in 'em?" Oprah says. "They look really good when you're sitting, though. It elongates your whole leg thing. It's very nice."