Oprah welcomes Jamie Lee Curtis.

Oprah welcomes her guest Jamie Lee Curtis at the beginning of the show Why Jamie Lee Curtis Posed Nude at 50 .
Salma Hayek and Oprah

Oprah and Oscar®-winning actress Salma Hayek share a laugh during a commercial break.
Rachael and Oprah

Oprah talks to Rachael about getting voted off Oprah's Big Give .

Watch Watch as Oprah and Rachael continue their conversation .
Oprah meets with Vivian Stringer.

Rutgers women's basketball coach Vivian Stringer gives Oprah some team gear after the show Sports Legends Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Coach Vivian Stringer .
Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert

Legendary tennis rivals Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert remember their time on professional tour.
Oprah introduces The Oprah Store.

Oprah tells her studio audience about the newly opened The Oprah Store.

"We have our little store across the street. I did that store because of you," Oprah says. "People want a key chain. They want to go back and say, 'See this key chain? I was there!'"
Elizabeth Lesser, Dean and Oprah

During a break in the show A New Earth Phenomenon: An Hour That Can Change Your Life , stage manager Dean helps Oprah get ready for her interview with Elizabeth Lesser, author of The Seeker's Guide and Oprah Radio host.
Oprah with producers Heather and Jill

Oprah talks to the audience while producers Heather and Jill join her onstage.
Author David Sheff talks to Dean

Dean talks to author David Sheff before the show Beautiful Boy: A Father's Heartache, An Addict Son .
David and Nic Sheff and Oprah

After their interview is over, father and son authors David and Nic Sheff joke with Oprah. David and Nic both wrote memoirs about Nic's struggles with addiction.
Prince Manvendra, Dean and Oprah

Dean helps Oprah with a last-minute wardrobe tweak before the taping of Gay Around the World with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla, India.
John Amaechi, Oprah and Julie

Julie, an Oprah Show producer, talks with Oprah during a break in the taping of Gay Around the World with John Amaechi—the first player in NBA history to come out of the closet.