The set is transformed into Whoville.

The Oprah Show set is transformed into Dr. Seuss's whimsical land of Whoville for a show featuring the cast of Horton Hears a Who .
Jim Carrey, Dean and Oprah

Horton Hears a Who star Jim Carrey chats with Dean and Oprah during a break.
Jim Carrey gives a chair to an audience member.

After the show, Jim decides to conduct his own audience giveaway! He jokingly picks up his chair and hands it to one very lucky audience member.
Jim Carrey and Oprah

After the show, Jim and Oprah talk in the hallway outside the studio.
Jim Carrey and Oprah

The fun doesn't end with the show! Jim continues to joke around with Oprah backstage.
Steve Carell and Oprah

Horton Hears a Who star Steve Carell poses for a picture with Oprah after the show.
Jim Carrey signs a cutout of Horton.

Jim signs a cutout of his Dr. Seuss alter-ego, Horton.
Dr. Oz and Oprah

A guest named Marcy asks Dr. Oz a question during the show Dr. Oz Investigates the Man Who Turned Blue .
The former shlumpadinkas gather on the stage.

The former shlumpadinkas gather on the stage after the show Shlumpadinka Makeovers .
The set is transformed into a glittering ballroom.

The Oprah Show stage has been transformed into a Dancing with the Stars ballroom for the show Oprah Presents Dancing with the Stars Champions . During a dress rehearsal, race car driver Helio Castroneves and his dancing partner, Julianne Hough, talk to crew members.

Minutes before the Dancing with the Stars champions perform, Oprah introduces the show.
Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo

Soap star Kelly Monaco, the only female Dancing with the Stars champion, and her partner, Alec Mazo, await their cue to take the stage.
Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith

The camera rolls on NFL star Emmitt Smith and his partner, Cheryl Burke, as they get ready to begin their dance to "Que Bueno Baila Usted."
Deneen and Derek

Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough surprised Deneen—a huge fan of the series—with the chance to show off her ballroom moves on Oprah. She is all smiles after their performance!
Kelly, Oprah and Dean

Before the show Raising Sextuplets and Twins, Plus Sean Combs and TV Legend Phylicia Rashad , Oprah's stylist, Kelly, gives her outfit one last tweak.
Jon and Kate and their eight kids.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, help their 3-year-old sextuplets and 7-year-old twins get settled onstage before their interview with Oprah.