Throughout the summer, Mike says he'd seen Jeff play the choking game many times, but was never tempted to try it himself. Greg, Mike's younger brother, also saw Jeff pass out on four occasions...and chose to play the "game."

"[Jeff] just made it sound like it was kind of fun," Greg says. "He said that, I don't know, like it tingled and you were kind of high. And I was kind of curious how it felt, so I had done it."

Greg says he used a rope to play the "game" that cut off the oxygen to his brain.

To achieve the desired "high," Greg says you choke yourself until you're about to lose consciousness and then let go of the rope. The real danger comes when children try this game alone and accidentally pass out with the rope still around their necks.

Unlike Jeff, Greg didn't like the sensation the choking game gave him, and he says he'll never try it again.

According to experts, the choking game is most common among children ages 9 to 14. Find out more about the warning signs.