Greg 'L.G.' Harris Jr.

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Residents of Palmdale, California, have brought their families to the local baseball field for years. For the Rourke and Harris families, April 12, 2005, was a day that changed everything.

Thirteen-year-old Greg Harris Jr.—nicknamed Little Greg, or L.G.—pitched three innings that day. He was an honor student with a love for baseball, fishing, singing and dancing. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Jeremy Rourke and his father, Brian, sat in the stands watching the game. L.G.'s team ended up losing the game.

After the game, L.G. spoke briefly with his dad, Greg Sr., and then walked to the snack bar carrying his equipment bag. Jeremy was on his way to the snack bar too.

According to eyewitnesses, L.G. was standing in line at the snack bar when Jeremy approached and started to tease and push L.G. Moments later, L.G. pulled his bat from his bag and swung at Jeremy twice: hitting him first in the leg, and then in the head.

Jeremy was rushed to the emergency room and was pronounced dead two hours later. L.G.—who had no history of violence or criminal behavior—was taken into police custody and was later convicted of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 12 years of confinement in a youth detention center.

In 2007, L.G.'s second-degree murder conviction was reduced to voluntary manslaughter.