Barry's Biggest Fan
It's our wildest dreams season, and we've just gotten started! Over the years, thousands have written, called and begged us to have this legend on our show. Candace is one of Barry Manilow's many devoted fans.

She wrote in, "Dear Oprah. My husband knows that if he could ever arrange for me to meet Oprah Winfrey and a 'certain famous singer' at the same time, he would get 'sex on command' for the rest of his life!"

Since Candace and Jim are on stage with "that certain singer" and Oprah, looks like everything's coming up roses for Jim!

Oh Mandy
According to Mandy, who was christened Mandy—not Amanda—her mother named her for Barry's famous, heartwarming song.

Do you think he's up to singing it for her? You better believe it!

New Legion of Fans
One thing Barry can't believe is how many fans he has who are actually younger than his music. Rosie says she first became a "fanilow" when she was only eight years old.

Nearly two decades later, Rosie got the shock of a lifetime at a local restaurant when Barry snuck in behind her and started performing at the piano. Now that's a dream come true!

He Writes the Songs
Barry woes the audience with old standbys "I Write the Songs" and "Can't Smile Without You." Many of his loyal fans can hardly keep their seats—or keep from crying!

At the Copa
With a grand total of 43 albums under his belt, Barry Manilow continues to write the songs. He says he even loves to sing the old favorites, and tries to keep them as contemporary as possible. Here he is cutting up the dance moves to a new version of "Copa Cabana."

Later, he switches up the lyrics to pay tribute to the Oprah's Book Club selection Anna Karenina: "She's Anna. Anna Karenina. The hottest broad North of the Kremlin!"

Barry the Bellhop?
All their lives identical twins Andrea and Danielle have been dancing and singing to what they call "Barry-oke." Andrea begged us to make she and her sister's double dream come true.

Oprah's surprise patrol to the rescue! When Andrea and Danielle showed up to check into their Chicago hotel to come as guests to The Oprah Winfrey Show, Barry was undercover acting as concierge!

Barry's Surprise Makeover
Sisters-in-law Jennifer and Michelle say they know they're Barry Manilow's most loyal fans. Barry couldn't leave fans like these in the lurch.

When Jennifer and Michelle were tucked away at Chicago's Salon Buzz for an Oprah Show makeover, what living legend happened to be in the neighborhood? You guessed it. These ladies were so flabbergasted that they didn't even get up from their salon chairs!

New Album Manilow Scores
Combining songs from two Broadway musicals, Barry says this new album Manilow Scores is his favorite of all time. He certainly seems to enjoy singing these tunes, and his voice has never sounded better.

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