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Miraculously, Kristen stayed alive and conscious as 30 freight cars sliced through her body, severing both of her legs. "When the train was going over me, I just felt a lot of weight pushing me down," Kristen says. "I really think that was God holding me down. Normally I would have been sucked up underneath the train because of the physics of when a train goes that fast."

Kristen says she felt some pain initially, but it did not register in her mind. At first she thought she might be dead. Then when she reached down to feel her legs and saw blood, the pain came flooding in.

"After I felt that pain I was crying for my mom, almost like a small child would," Kristen says. "Then the pain totally subsided and I thought I was dying because I started hearing the song 'Amazing Grace' playing over and over and over in my head."