When Rochelle and John first appeared on The Oprah Show in 2000, Rochelle gave new meaning to the word controlling—and John was the proverbial doormat.

They had only been married a year, but their relationship was already in trouble. Rochelle kept a detailed list of dos and don'ts, which pushed John to the brink.

Some of the items on Rochelle's long list included:

  • Don't sweat when you sleep
  • Brush your teeth before bed and when you wake up and/or before sex
  • Fold your jeans in thirds and my jeans in half, and then in half again, with the label on the outside. No creases. Make them nice.
Everything John did seemed to bother Rochelle. "The way he holds his fork makes it hard for me to digest my meal," she said. "It irritates the living crap out of me."

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"I feel like a 2-year-old going through her little boot camp," John said. But when it came to Rochelle's rules, back-talk was not accepted.

"You cannot have a little attitude about it," Rochelle said. "You have to be nice about it."


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