Amanda has three younger sisters, Deanna, Ashley and Delaney. Deanna, the second-oldest, says her life has been put on hold since Amanda's arrest. "We're all just in a waiting period, waiting for her to come home. I stopped going to college; I work full-time. I visit Ashley and Delaney and take care of my parents as much as possible," she says. "[College] was too much at the time. When this whole thing started, I had media outside of my dorm room. I had to be escorted to my classes."

Deanna says she has be strong and keep her feelings inside for the sake of her family. "I know the worst thing is when Amanda cries, I just see my mom and my aunts and my dad's and my whole family's eyes fill with tears, and I don't want them to be crying because of me," she says. 

Curt says that because he spends so much time in Italy, he isn't always aware of what the other girls are going through. "I know Deanna has done a fantastic job keeping them up, and hopefully this will all be done soon and she'll get to come home and we'll get to carry on our lives," he says.


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