While Amanda's parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, say that Meredith's death was a terrible tragedy, they also say their daughter's story has yet to be told. That story starts with Amanda's supposed bizarre behavior in the days following Meredith's murder. "If you know Amanda, she's shocked. This is not a smiling girl," Edda says, referring to video of Amanda hugging her boyfriend outside the house where Meredith was murdered. "They're not making out. He's rubbing her back and comforting her. She was just shocked. She was devastated."

Edda says Amanda's behavior at police headquarters, allegedly turning cartwheels and doing splits, was another misrepresentation. "She had been sitting there for hours doing homework, and she got up to stretch. She was getting cramped, and the officers came in—they were being really friendly—and they said, 'Oh, you seem pretty flexible,' and she said, 'Yes , I was a gymnast.'" Edda says the officers asked her if she could still do any gymnastics, and Amanda said yes and went into a split. "That was it. It was lost in translation." 

As to why Amanda changed her version of what happened on the night of the murder, Edda says that wasn't really the case. "She always, in all of her statements, maintained the bottom line was: 'I don't know what's true anymore, but I do know that I did not have anything to do with the murder of my friend,'" she says. 

Edda also says that while the Italian police other conversations and phone calls, they did not tape the overnight interrogation.


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