Matthew McConaughey and Oprah Winfrey

He's a heartthrob who hails from Texas and electrifies fans with his twinkling blue eyes—Matthew McConaughey! People magazine describes him as "chivalrous," "passionate" and 2005's "Sexiest Man Alive!"

For more than 10 years, Matthew has thrilled audiences with his charisma and down-home charm, from his breakthrough performance in A Time to Kill to starring roles in The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Sahara. In the romantic comedy Failure to Launch, Matthew stars opposite Sarah Jessica Parker as Trip, a 35-year-old ladies' man who still lives at home with his parents.

Before delving into the details of his off-screen love life, Matthew proposes a toast—with shots of 1,800 Tequila! "[It] always kicks off wonderful conversations," he tells Oprah with a smile. "Salud! To health and good living!"
Matthew McConaughey

When Matthew received a call saying he'd been voted the sexiest man alive, he remembers the first thing out of his mouth was "a lot of good laughter." His mother had a similar reaction. "She just started howling," he says. "[Then] she goes, 'Well, it's about damn time.'"

Matthew feels sexy is as sexy does. "The sexiest people don't think they're sexy," he says. "I would say people are most sexy when they're not putting on airs or trying to act like anything [other] than themselves. People who are comfortable in their own skin are the most sexy."

Matthew feels so at ease in his own skin that he hasn't worn deodorant—or any fragrance that would mask his own unique scent—since he was 14! "The women in my life," Matthew explains, "have all said, 'Your natural smell smells, one, like a man and, two, [it] smells like you. ... [And] there's only one of those."

"I'm pretty comfortable with myself," Matthew says. "My motto in life is, 'Just keep livin'.'"

Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz

Matthew's real-life leading lady is actress Penelope Cruz, who he met on the set of Sahara. Matthew says one of his favorite qualities in his Spanish-born girlfriend is the beautiful way she speaks. "[I love] how she talks [as well as] the words she chooses to say," he says. "She sees everything for the first time, even if she's already seen it before."

Matthew says his Spanish skills have improved since he and Penelope started dating. "I was raised in Uvalde, Texas, which is 80 percent Mexican, so I heard Spanish and learned it from my brother and friends," Matthew says. "Now it's gotten a little bit better since my relationship with Penelope. When I go to Spain, later in the night, after more of that [tequila] we just had, the Spanish gets better."

Oprah wants to know—does Matthew feel any pressure from friends and family to get married? The prospect of starting a family someday excites him, he says, "But not too many people bug me about it ... I've always dreamed of having children. I go between [wanting] 14 and two. But I do believe my mate will have something to say about that."

Matthew McConaughey and Oprah Winfrey

It's time for a little game Oprah likes to play—she names Matthew's famous co-stars and he says the first thing that comes to mind.

Oprah: Sarah Jessica Parker?
Matthew: Great comedic timing. ... She's a very interesting woman.

Oprah: Jennifer Lopez?
Matthew: Talk about a quintet threat—I've never seen anyone that is so conscious of what she needs to do. [She] choreographs what she needs to do and does it.

Oprah: Sandra Bullock?
Matthew: She could run a country if she wanted to. Beautiful too.

Oprah: Kate Hudson?
Matthew: She gets it.

Oprah: Ashley Judd?
Matthew: A.J.'s strong.

Oprah: Penelope Cruz?
Matthew: She's lovely.

Matthew and Foxy

Matthew is totally smitten with his pup, Foxy! An Australian Cattle Dog, or Red Heeler, Foxy was bred on a ranch in west Texas. "I understand she's about 70 percent dingo—very smart dogs," says the proud papa.

Matthew McConaughey's L.A. home

Who wouldn't love to go home with the sexiest man alive? Matthew invited our cameras inside his bright and airy Hollywood Hills estate for an exclusive tour. The tour begins outside, where Matthew loves to cook midnight meals on the grill, or swim in his saltwater pool. He shows off his wild side by the outdoor shower. "This is one of my favorite things ... Feels like you're still in the jungle down here," Matthew says.

Throughout his home, he points out plenty of sentimental treasures, like the table from his childhood where his family ate dinner, and his father's corkscrew collection. For a personal touch, much of the artwork decorating Matthew's home comes from his travels around the world. "One of the rules with this house is that there are no rules," Matthew says. "It changes all the time."
Matthew McConaughey and Oprah Winfrey

Matthew is a huge fan of his alma mater's football team, the University of Texas Longhorns. UT defeated the University of Southern California in the 2006 Rose Bowl for the National Championship. Matthew was there for the big moment, cheering them on to victory. "It was epic," says Matthew. "It was the greatest sporting event I've ever been able to witness."

Matthew has been a familiar and supportive face at practices and games for years. In the year leading up to the Longhorns' big win, Matthew cheered the players on and helped boost morale. To show their appreciation for his support, the Texas Longhorns surprised their number one fan with a framed photograph of Matthew and the team at the Rose Bowl!
Singer John Legend

Soul singer and pianist John Legend says he was born to sing. He's got the music industry buzzing, being compared to musical greats like Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. After years of backing up performers like Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Kanye West, this sexy crooner is now front and center—with a style all his own. His blockbuster debut album, Get Lifted, has sold more than 2 million copies and has been nominated for a whopping eight Grammys,* including best new artist and song of the year.

John's love for music began at the tender age of four, when he began singing gospel and playing the piano. "We just grew up with music all around us," says John. "We had a piano in the house and my grandmother played the piano ... I started taking lessons when I was four and I haven't stopped since."

* John took home three Grammy Awards in 2006—Best New Artist, Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Album!
John Legend at Oprah's Legends luncheon

As part of her Legends weekend celebration, Oprah invited John Legend to perform during a luncheon at her California home. The VIP guests—including musical greats Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Mariah Carey—truly did get lifted by John's performance. If this legend was nervous playing in front of bona fide legends, he didn't show it! "Being there was such a moment for me, such a special time," John says. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."
John Legend performs.

 John Legend performs "Used to Love U," from his smash debut CD, Get Lifted.