An outfit for your 30s

Whether you're 30-something or celebrating your 60s, Rita Wilson says women of every age can create a comfortable, stylish look in seconds. All you need are four basic items: black leggings, black boots, a sweater and a scarf.

If You're in Your 30s...
Don't be afraid to bring the bling. "Go for the sparkles; wear something hot," Rita says. "She's got a trend of her military jacket. She's got a fun shirt underneath but still covers any bits that you don't want to have out there so much."

Boot: Jessica Simpson, Pasadena; blouse: RACHEL by Rachel Roy; leggings: Mirror Mirror; jacket: INC; earrings: Guess
An outfit for your 40s

If You're in Your 40s...
Have fun with classic pieces. If you aren't into sweaters, try a blazer instead. "I think a blazer is something everybody should have, but you don't want to have that straight-like businesswoman blazer. ... Do something with a little more detail," Rita says.

You can also create an element of surprise with your accessories. "I love this scarf because it's cotton and it has the chain, so it's sort of like a necklace scarf," she says. "Her tunic maybe gets a little bit longer but [there's] still the sexy black boot so that she can still feel like she's hot in her 40s."

Jeans: BCBG, Marion skinny jean in pleather; boot: Calvin Klein, Brielle Brushoff; scarf: Mirror Mirror; blouse: Joie, Peri; jacket: RACHEL by Rachel Roy; hat: Nine West, men's herringbone hat
An outfit for your 50s

If You're in Your 50s...
It's all about versatility. "To me, this wrap is essential," Rita says. "I'm always hot and I'm always cold, so there's always a reason to have a sweater on, take it off. And this one becomes a scarf that you can wrap around you as well so that you're kind of doing double duty here."

Jeans: Joe's Jeans, skinny jean; jacket: DKNY; blouse: Rebecca Taylor, Forever; necklace: Macy's; boots: Aerosoles
An outfit for your 60s

If You're in Your 60s...
Show your style—wear a high boot and color. "This is in your 60s. It doesn't mean you can't have style," Rita says. "We love the scarf and her coat, and a coat seems a little bit more elegant. So you can maybe wear it to lunch."

Leggings: Ellen Tracey; boot: MICHAEL by Michael Kors, Bromley; coat: DKNY; blouse: RACHEL by Rachel Roy; Scarf: Charter Club,

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