For years, Josh says he's been hiding his true self behind his weight. "I had so many different facades," he says. "I come from a very conservative Christian background, and I felt like if I was my true self, I was going to let down my church. I was going to let down my parents. I was going to be kicked out of my house. I felt like my whole life was going to reject me, and so I hid behind the fat guy."

When Josh told his father he's gay, Josh says he could hear the disappointment in his father's voice. "I just felt like I had let [my parents] down," he says.

Despite their initial reactions, Josh says his parents are learning to accept his sexuality, and he has no regrets. "If I didn't come clean about that, I was never going to get well," he says. "And, from that point forward, I started getting honest about everything. And you know what? Today, I'm real. I'm real, and not everybody accepts me, and I know that. But the people who do love me, love me for the real me."


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