Tyler Perry and Oprah

In 2005, Tyler Perry hit box-office gold with his film Diary of a Mad Black Woman . Well, watch out…Madea, the tough-talking, pistol-packing granny, is back in Madea's Family Reunion !

Over the years, Tyler's popular stage shows—like Madea Goes to Jail —have grossed more than $100 million and have made Tyler a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Oprah can't get enough of Madea's antics.

"I saw Madea Goes to Jail the other night in Los Angeles, and it was a transcendent experience," Oprah says. "It was what you want theater to be. I laughed so hard I had to go home and take some Excedrin. I had a laughing headache!"

Tyler's new movie also promises big laughs. This time around, Madea adopts a troubled foster child and intervenes when her nieces' lives spin out of control…all while planning a huge family reunion.
Oprah and Tyler Perry as Madea

Madea Simmons—who has an uncanny resemblance to Tyler Perry—joins Oprah via satellite from her "home" in Atlanta!

"I was happy to be able to talk you into doing this because I know you don't like doing interviews," Oprah says. "Why did you consent to do this one?"

"You know, Oprah, I'm not political or correct," Madea says. "I don't worry about what people say. I say what's on my mind and, you know, people don't want you to say what's on your mind. But I say, 'I do Oprah because Oprah gonna make sure I'm all right.' You can handle people telling the truth."
Tyler Perry as Madea

Fans of Tyler's plays and movies know that Madea isn't afraid to get involved in anyone's personal business. So this time it's our turn. Has she ever been married?

"I've been married eight times—well, nine, but I don't talk about that Clinton thing," Madea says. "You know, I believe in 'til death do us part. So all of my husbands died mysteriously after they made me mad. And I would tell any woman, if you've got an itch, I've got a recipe for sweet potato pie…do you understand? It'll kill him in three days. They wouldn't know what happened to him."
Brianna and Tyler Perry as Madea

Madea's fans have been dying to ask for some grandmotherly advice about life and love.

Lenora tells Madea she and her husband of three years have hit a dry spell. "Do you have any advice on how we can put the spark back in our relationship?" she asks Madea.

"Honey, if you hit a dry spell in three years, I ain't got no advice for you," Madea tells Lenora. "Try to move the hell on."

Next, Brianna asks Madea for some words of wisdom before she walks down the aisle.

"I'll tell you what to do, honey," Madea says. "I believe in love and marriage. I believe in people being happy. But I also believe in 'til death do us part. So get you a good insurance policy just in case things don't work out, and I will send you this recipe for my sweet potato pie."