Whitney Cerak has recovered.

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Two years after the accident that nearly killed her and temporarily switched her identity with a dead classmate, Whitney Cerak has recovered. "Completely," she says.

In the epilogue of the book Mistaken Identities, Whitney writes that she's not quite her old self. "I think my personality is back. Maybe not as funny as I was before. I was really funny before," she jokes. "I view things in a different light now. Because of everything, I am so different now."

The Cerak family says if there are any changes in Whitney, they are small. "We look at Whitney and the smile is back. I mean, everything is back. Cognitively, she does a great job," Newell says. "As far as we're concerned, it's Whitney from before."

Whitney says she has no memory of the accident and little of what happened in the hospital before her family arrived. "I remember working the banquet before. ... Then we went out to pizza afterward," she says. "Then I remember standing by the car ready to get in, and that's the last thing I remember."