Psychic medium John Edward

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In the world of psychic mediums, John Edward is the closest thing there is to a bona fide rock star. Thousands attend his sold-out seminars and watch his show on the WE television network, John Edward Cross Country. He says he's known of his supernatural abilities since an early age, when his mother and grandmother would invite psychics into their home.

"I act as a conduit between the physical world—here—and what I call 'the other side,'" John says. "I act as that conduit, like a bridge, and I bring through their information. So it's like they beam me their energy, I interpret it in my frame of reference, and I pass it on to the person I'm sitting with."

John says one reason he is so gifted at communicating with the dead is that it is an outgrowth of his natural inclination to teach. "I'm educating people about the energy of where they're at in their life, and maybe how this can actually help them. Because to me it's not about the reading, it's not about the connection that I'm making. It's about the empowerment that somebody can get from it as they move forward as a result of that pivotal moment," he says.

He says that when he reaches a dead person, the information comes to him almost like he's having "a daydream." "I quiet my mind through meditation and prayer and then I pay attention to what I'm thinking, what I'm hearing and what I'm feeling," he says. "And it's as if I'm being impressed with this energy. So it's not coming from me. It's coming from outside of me."