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By day, Tracy is a pre-med student at an elite university. By night, she says she lives a life of sexual promiscuity...that she has hidden from everyone she knows.

"At night, I go out and meet guys and go home with them and engage in sexual behavior that's dangerous," Tracy says. "I meet different men at the library or at the gas station, at clubs, at the mall. After I've been with these strange men, I feel ashamed. I feel guilty, dirty, mad at myself because I let it take over my life."

Being a pre-med student, Tracy knows how dangerous her behavior is, and she's struggling to break her behavior. "I need help. It's not something that you tell people every day."

In a message Tracy wrote to The Oprah Winfrey Show, she expressed her desire to become a forensic pathologist, but worried, "I have reason to believe that this day may never come because of my secret life—something I'm so ashamed of that I have not yet revealed to anybody, including my Lord and savior."