Jennifer's mom, Gail

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Though Jennifer says she and her mother, Gail, have an open relationship, this is the first time Gail has heard some of the darkest details of her daughter's behavior.

Gail says she thinks she knows where Jennifer's troubles begin. "The role model from her other parent—the father— was not a very good one," Gail says. "Not very loving and nurturing."

How did that manifest into a sexual addiction? "That I don't know," Gail says, "but it's the self-esteem part that I'm thinking."

Jennifer also thinks her relationship with her father plays an important role in her life. "I feel like the abandonment that I felt from my father played a profound role," she says. "That dynamic was my model of how I relate to men. Not that I want to have intercourse with my dad, but in the way of I crave his affection."