Rachael Ray and Oprah

Every week millions of viewers watch Rachael Ray spice things up on the Food Network. Busy moms across the country are cheering for Rachael because this superstar chef has risen to the top of the food chain with her home-cooked meals in less than 30 minutes. Rachael's 10 cookbooks have climbed the bestseller list faster than butter sizzles on a hot skillet! And, she dominates the the Food Network with not one but three hit TV shows. Even celebrities want to dish with the queen of quick!
Rachael Ray

Oprah wanted the inside scoop on how this superstar chef whips up dinner in her own kitchen. What are some of Rachael's best tips?
  1. Shop at restaurant supply stores. "The pots and pans are cheap and you get exactly what they're using in the real-deal restaurants," Rachael says.
  2. Leave a big garbage bowl on the counter. "I can throw all my garbage in there and not run back and forth a million times to the garbage can," Rachael says.
  3. Resealable bags are kitchen essentials. Rachael explains you should wash and dry your produce as soon as you return from the grocery store, then put them into resealable bags so they are clean and fresh when you need them. "This is a huge time saver," she says.
Rachael took time out of her busy life, opened up the doors in her New York City apartment to show us some inside secrets of a real pro's kitchen. Can she really cook her Paella Burgers with Spanish Succotash in just 30 minutes?
Rachael Ray and Oprah

Oprah: How did all this fame and fortune happen to you?

Rachael: I have no idea, really. I was trying to sell groceries. I was a gourmet food buyer and I was trying to sell more groceries so that I'd look like a decent buyer. But nobody wanted to cook. They didn't know how. They said they had no time. So I figured we'd teach them 30-minute meals and they'd buy more groceries. … So I started a little cooking class and I figured 30 minutes because that's how much time people would wait for the pizza guy! … And actually I wanted to get local chefs to teach the class first but they all wanted too much money so my boss said, "You're a great cook. Just teach it yourself." So I did. And then it took over my life.

Oprah: That is fantastic. That's why I always say do what you love.

Rachael: My life is much better than winning the lottery. It really is.
Rachael Ray and Oprah

Rachael's got brand new ideas to help anybody jazz up mealtime! Try them in your kitchen.

Breakfast in bed is a hit with any mother any time, and Rachael's recipe for Crunchy Vanilla-Almond French Toast is easy enough for kids to make! Coating the French toast with crushed corn flakes and sliced almonds makes it fancy!

Rachael says that even Beef Wellington can be prepared in 30 minutes—simply sear tournedos of beef, top them with paté and sautéed mushrooms and wrap them in store-bought puff pastry. Serve it with broiled tomatoes for a stunning meal!

And just for the kids, who can sometimes be picky, Rachael's got Worms and Eyeballs ! Buccatini pasta with soy sauce and chicken meatballs become a tasty treat when disguised by a disgusting name, Rachael says. And the recipe is easy enough for kids to help out in the kitchen!

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