John Diaz

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Plane Crash Survivor John Diaz
In 2007, music producer John Diaz told Oprah a story that she would never forget. A few years earlier, John was on a flight taking off from Taiwan when things went horribly wrong. Before his flight even left the runway, it was hit with two serious collisions—including one that ripped a hole in the plane, causing the cabin to fill with fiery jet fuel. John watched the people around him ignite in flames. Miraculously, he found a way to survive. Thanks to his quick thinking and his seat in the front row, John was able to shield himself with a leather carry-on bag and escape through an exit door. 

Before he got out, John saw the people around him strapped into their seats, burning. As he watched, he says he noticed what appeared to be auras leaving their bodies, some brighter than others. "I thought, 'The brightness and dimness of the auras were how one lives one's life,' so to speak," he says. "That's one of the major things that really has changed within me ... I want to live my life so my aura, when it leaves, is very bright." Today, John is left with severe pain from the crash and has to use a walker, but he says he will never forget the lessons her learned on that plane.