Keep children's books closer than the remote control.

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Dinosaur Books vs. the DVR
Be sure that kids' books are easy to access within your home. By making kids' books more available than the remote, you'll encourage them to turn a page rather than turn on the TV.

With emerging readers—little ones who aren't yet reading on their own—Kimber says it's especially important to be conscious of the emphasis you place on literacy. "Young children are incredibly excited to learn how to read because it moves them up that ladder to being a big kid, so I think that parents can use that excitement along with strategy, actually, to make sure they're feeding off it, instead of squandering it," she says.

One great strategy is to surround your kids with reading material that interests them. For example, if your kids have a fascination with dinosaurs, Kimber suggests letting them read, or at least pretend to read, their favorite prehistoric tales. If they're interested in the story, they'll be more inclined to push themselves when they stumble upon the parts they don't already know by heart.