Read to your kids at home and in the car.

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Follow the Leader
You're a reader, too, so make time for some reading of your own! We all know how much children love to repeat the things adults say and do, and if your kids see that you're interested in your own book, they'll be quick to follow suit.

You can also take reading on the road with you. Kindergarten teacher Nancy Singer finds that the best time to practice early reading skills is when you're in the car. After all, she says, you'll have a captive audience! "Parents are so busy. It's so unusual now to have a mom that doesn't work; there just isn't a lot of extra time anymore. But everyone's in the car," Nancy says.

Look for environmental print, words you see all around you on buildings and street signs. When you drive by a restaurant or store, call out the letters. When you roll up to a stop sign, say "Stop! S-T-O-P spells stop." Nancy says efforts like this help your kids make the connection between letters, sounds and reading.