From a spiritual perspective, you always have the choice to erase the imprint and create a new one. A pianist who takes up the violin isn't hampered by the way his fingers used to move. A short-order cook who goes home to make one omelet instead of six isn't compelled to work at lightning speed. What keeps us trapped is the spell of "no." In the grip of that spell, we find reasons for being stuck in habitual thinking and behavior. We voluntarily renounce the power to change, while at the same time blaming our bad habits as if they have independent willpower. To break out of any habit, you need to break the spell of "no" and reclaim your power to choose.

  • Don't fight against a bad habit. Look at it objectively, as if another person had the habit.
  • Ask yourself why you have chosen your habit. Does it feel safe and familiar? Does it protect you from negative emotions? Does it provide a quick fix of pleasure or security?
  • Examine what benefit you are getting, usually at a hidden level where the inner child wants safety, security and comfort.
  • Be honest about your choice. Instead of saying, "This is just how I am," admit that you have chosen inertia over change because change frightens or threatens you.
  • If you feel victimized by a bad habit, ask yourself why you need to be a victim. Is it an easy way out from taking responsibility?
  • Find a reason to adopt a good habit in place of the bad one.
  • Make your reason convincing, and keep repeating it to yourself whenever the old shortcut of a bad habit arises. Your aim is to break the spell that says you have no choices. You always have choices.
As you can see, finding the blocks to spiritual energy isn't mystical. The energy is as real as love and joy, creativity and trust. If you have ever experienced those things, you've experienced spiritual energy. Now you can change your focus and bring even more of it into your life, because spiritual energy is the one kind that never runs out.

To be continued...

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