We are all responsible for our own causes and the energy we put into the world. But our actions and reactions are intertwined, so my greed and selfishness may very well be creating a lack in someone else.

It's not up to us to judge the karma of anyone else. It's up to us to clean up our energy and our own karma and leave the results to the higher power that created this whole flipping thing.

Science is now proving that altruism is why we're still here, that empathy is in our biology. Humanity is not just survival of the fittest but a cooperative enterprise. We miss that story. Every time you get in your car to go home, you don't understand or appreciate the thousands of cooperative acts involved in just getting you home: the fact that someone had to build a car to certain specifications because we've agreed what safety standards are. Someone riding next to you has agreed to follow the speed limit. You had that car registered, and you stop at traffic lights. It's a huge, long list of cooperation. But what we see is the guy who stole the car—that's what gets on the news at night.

We cannot go on like this, the way we treat each other, the way we look at life, the world economy, the way we think of things. The pain will come because if we sow a seed of separation, division, and disunity and disharmony, that is exactly the fruit we'll get.

When you do a loving thing, when you put out positive energy, you feel happy. This is how human beings are wired. So the goal of karma—if there is a goal—is not to put out positive energy in order to get some positive energy back. The goal is to put out positive energy and feel positive about your life. That's where the work is. That's why the true revolution is a personal revolution.

We're all in this together. I sure as hell believe it.

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