The Counterintuitive Approach One Dad Used to Connect with His Son

Season 4 Episode 410
Aired on 09/21/2014 | CC
Kerry has always wanted to be a conscious parent. So, when his teenage son took up an interest in video games, Kerry decided to give the boy his space and let him play. To Kerry's surprise, his son didn't lose himself in the game hour after hour; rather, he scheduled his time wisely and walked away from the game to do his homework.

However, this schedule didn't last, and Kerry's son fell into a rut of playing video games. Rather than ban the game completely, this father consciously tried a different approach.

"I took him to GameStop, and I bought a video game for the two of us to play together," he says.

Watch as Kerry describes the amazing thing that happened next, and hear what parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary has to say about this parenting strategy.

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