Help! My Parents Think I Let My Child Explore Too Much

Season 4 Episode 411
Aired on 09/28/2014 | CC tv-14
An Oprah's Lifeclass audience member says she likes to let 2-year-old son explore the world around him, an approach her parents don't agree with. She asks parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary for her thoughts. "It really touches on their own sense of being trapped," Dr. Shefali says. "So when they see a free spirit, it really threatens them. It feels too wild, too uncensored."

Dr. Shefali encourages parents in this situation to understand their position and realize they are projecting their own fears. "Stay stalwart in your understanding of what you are doing with your child," she says.

In the video above, find out why there also may be some underlying resentment in the situation.

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