1. You're incredibly open to joy.
When we asked you during our first "Joy Rising" episode how open you were to joy, over 46 percent of you responded "Incredibly. I laugh all day long." That's the kind of attitude we love to hear about.

2. You absolutely believe that you will succeed—no ifs, ands or buts about it.
During our third episode, Oprah interviewed Jim Carrey, J.K. Rowling and Ralph Lauren about the nature of our beliefs—and how they affect what we can achieve. When we asked you about your confidence in your own success, a whopping 62 percent of you responded that you believe that you'll get where you want to go.

3. You can be your own biggest obstacle—or ally.
Later during that same episode, we asked you whom you feel that you've proved the most wrong—your teachers, your parents, your friends or yourselves. Fifty percent of you replied that you had surprised yourself most of all.

4. You'll feel good about yourself, no matter how many years go by.
"Lesson 7: Aging Beautifully" focused on the lessons we can learn from women like Cybill Shepherd, who admitted that she thought her beauty would disappear at 40. You think differently: When given a choice of when looks fade (40, 55, 75, 95 and "Never!"), 54 percent of you chose wisely and replied "Never!"

5. You love to give back.
Ninety percent—that's right, 90 percent—of you have given a gift to a total and complete stranger at Christmas, either through Toys for Tots, your church or another community organization. During our second "Joy Rising" episode, when Oprah recalled how spectacular it was in 2002 to be able to give children in South Africa toys, sports equipment, dolls and clothing for the holidays, 65 percent of you said you were inspired to spend this Christmas volunteering at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or other community service.

6. You're in agreement about what the ideal day is made of.
When we asked you to pretend that you had an actual whole day free to do something for yourself—with no chores to do, responsibilities to others or problems to solve—70 percent of you said you'd love to spend the day doing nothing but ordering takeout and finishing an entire novel or television series.

7. Your inner voice is getting louder by the day.
"Lesson 11: Your Life Speaks to You in a Whisper" focused on how you can listen to your inner voice—that little whisper that tells you if you're making the right choices. When we asked you if you felt you could size people up better now than when you were younger, 82 percent of you said yes.

8. Even though you don't get paid for pursuing your passion, you do it anyway.
In "Lesson 6: Who You Were Meant to Be", Oprah and Lady Gaga discussed the difficulties of finding your calling. As it turns out, 43 percent of you already know—and though you don't get paid to do your calling, you volunteer your time regardless. (Only 11 percent of you were able to say that you get paid full-time to do your calling.)

9. You forgive others—and yourself.
"When you know better, you do better" is one of Oprah's favorite quotes from her mentor, Maya Angelou, and the lesson behind our eighth episode. Eighty-one percent of you reported that you've already forgiven the people in your lives who have wronged you, and 52 percent of you said that you actively work on forgiving yourself.

10. You're part of a family—and they're your favorite thing.
Whether you're living with a spouse, a partner, children, parents, grandparents or other people you've chosen to love, 43 percent of you are happiest when you're with your families.

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