Up Against the Wall
A total stretch for arms, shoulders, back and hamstrings. Place your hands on a wall at waist height, fingers spread, and walk back until your body forms a right angle; make sure your feet are planted directly under your hips. Keeping your arms and legs as straight as possible, imagine your spine growing longer (think of pulling out a Slinky). It helps to press the wall with your hands while squeezing the muscles at the front of your thighs toward the back of your thighs.

The Rag Doll
Eases lower back stiffness and neck clench. Sit near the edge of the chair, feet wider than hips (knees about two feet apart). Bend forward, grasping your elbows, until the crown of your head faces the floor, and let everything hang—head, neck, shoulders, arms. Breathe in deeply; then as you exhale, feel all the tension flow from your body like a waterfall, down your spine, shoulders, neck and out through the crown of your head.

Rock the Baby: Great antidote for sitting all day
Sit in a chair, keeping your back as straight as possible, and bring your right leg up, holding your foot in your left hand and knee in your right hand. Try lifting your calf so it's parallel to the floor and even with your chest, but don't worry if you can't. Simply hold the leg like a baby, and rock it back and forth for 20 to 30 seconds. Switch legs.

High-Heel Stretch
Undoes all that cute-shoe damage. Place a thick book (Webster's dictionary works well) on the floor against a wall. Using the wall for balance, step on the book with the ball of your right foot and let the heel drop toward the floor. You'll probably feel a stretch in your calf muscle; imagine it elongating, soft, like taffy in a pull. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds, then repeat on the left side.

Computer Un-Hunch
Loosens the tension knots in the neck and shoulders. Standing, bring your arms behind your back and hold a scarf or tie between your hands. Raise your arms behind you, only as high as you can, puffing up your chest like a turkey and pulling back your shoulders. Once this feels easy, move your hands closer together, or drop the scarf and interlock your fingers.