Agraria scented tassels

Fringe Benefit
Opulent, playful, chic—these scented tassels add not only glamour to any doorknob but a lush fragrance to any room. The Bitter Orange is Agraria's signature scent, but the seven others, including Lemon Verbena and Riviera Pear, are all pretty heavenly. 

Agraria TasselAire; $50 each; Bellissimo; 208-726-0702
Typhoon salt and pepper shakers

The Daily Grind
Man cannot live by stainless steel kitchen accessories alone! Inspired by Pantone, the ultimate color experts, these salt, pepper, and spice mills add a rainbow pop to every meal. 

Typhoon; $30 each; 
Iomoi business cards

Pick a Card
Who says freelancers and work-at-home mothers aren't allowed to have a calling card? Create your own from 100 different styles—because life doesn't have to be business as usual. 

Iomoi; $68 for 50 cards; $30 for tray; 
Air purifiers

A Breath of Fresh Air
Henry (tall, dark, handsome) and Fred (modern, hardworking, bright) are two of our favorite guys. Henry purifies the air, filtering fine dust, pollen, and germs, and Fred humidifies it with bacteria-free steam. They're both awfully nice to come home to. 

Stadler Form; Henry, $300; Fred, $100,
R.F. Orchids

Everything's Coming Up Orchids
If you can't send your best friend to the tropics, why not send the tropics to your best friend? R.F. Orchids has literally thousands of exotic varieties of orchids and will deliver a different one in full bloom four, six, or—if you really want to be a petal pusher—12 times a year. 

R.F. Orchids; $285 for four-month subscription;
Intuition dog leash

See Spot Run
This 10-foot retractable leash actually has a flashlight built right into its handle for those nightly walks. All you need now are batteries and a dog. 

Intuition Dog Leas; $30;
Clic reading glasses

For Your Viewing Pleasure
Reading glasses don't have it easy; they're always getting lost or sat on or hung from a granny chain. But the revolutionary magnetic bridge-of-the-nose closure and adjustable neck strap on these ultramod lenses allow them to drape comfortably around your neck when not in use. 

Clic; $35 to $40 each;
Neue Galerie journals

The Fabric of Our Lives
The classic Wiener Werkstätte textile patterns covering these beautifully made journals are guaranteed to transport you to turn-of-the-century Vienna, where style and creativity was the rule of the day. 

Neue Galerie; $30 for small; $40 for large; 
KangaRoos sneakers

Have Pouch, Will Travel
Here's a sleek update on an '80s classic. These slip-on KangaRoos come complete with a hidden inside pocket for keys or money and a big blast of retro hip. 

KangaRoos; $50 per pair;