1. How does Dominique ultimately define slow love? What does "slow love" mean to you, and how can you maintain it throughout all walks of life, regardless of employment?

2. Have you or a loved one lost a job? How did you get or give support? How did you adapt your lifestyle as a consequence? How does the structure of the work day shape the way you live your life?

3. While at Condé Nast, Dominique often spent more time with her "office family" than her own. How do you reconcile your work life and your home life? Does one role overwhelm the other? How do you shift between the two?

4. After House & Garden folded, Dominique discovers that some friends are much less friendly once she loses her powerful status. How have you dealt with fair-weather friends? How can we cultivate enduring friendships?

5 Dominique calls her house a "Museum of Happiest Memories": so much of her family life revolves around the house. How does a family change when the house that unifies it is no longer present? What makes a house a home, and how can you carry your "happiest memories" with you when it's gone?

6. Dominique often turns to food for comfort, especially eggs, cookies and the deluge of muffins. What are your comfort foods, and why is food so comforting for us? How does your relationship with food change based on your daily routine?

7. Dr. Pat recommended a strict diet for Dominique, complete with a daily meal schedule. How does the structure of this diet reflect the structure of a work day? How can we balance our need for structure with the idea of Slow Love?

8. Dominique makes multiple attempts to integrate herself into Stroller's life, from bringing her clothes into his closet to planting mint in his yard. How do you share a life with someone? When those efforts are thwarted, what keeps you in a relationship past its expiration date?

9. One of Dominique's preferred ways to slow down is by gardening and communing with nature. Where do you find natural beauty? How do you bring that outdoor serenity into your home?

10. Dominique calls the period of mid-life her "intertidal years." How are transitional states featured throughout the book? What distinguishes this time of life from that which precedes it?

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