Saudia, cleavage bra makeover

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Busting Out
Saudia Davis
Actor and housepainter, 31

Before: "Cleavage" is what Saudia says she wants in a bra. But this low-cut Janet Jackson–esque style is verging on full disclosure. There's also too much space between the cups (the centerpiece shouldn't be more than an inch across), so she looks wide rather than high and firm.

After: A front-closure contour bra with a racer back gives Saudia "nice definition and plunge," Susan says, yet it's snug enough to stay with her when she's painting. Many stores don't stock bras smaller than size 32, so Saudia may need to have hers altered down to 30 inches. "Being fitted was awesome," she says. "Susan educated me on what I need. This bra is very comfortable, and it doesn't slip or slide."