As 30 Rock returns for its third season, we pay tribute to the show's neurotic, endearing Super-Everywoman.
Dear Liz,

Welcome back! I hope the hiatus did you good. It can be dizzying to watch you juggle your talented-but-lazy writing team, half-deranged stars, and Machiavellian boss at the comedy-show-within-a-comedy-show on 30 Rock. Last season, it seemed like the strain of always being the sanest person in the room was starting to drive you crazy. I'm glad you've had time to unwind (six long months without you!), and that you've finally washed your hands of your dismal ex, Dennis. (Trying to throw you off a subway platform so he could "save" you was a deal breaker, right? Right?) Too bad he had to be involved in your junk-food-induced pregnancy scare (who knew they flavored cheese puffs with bull semen?), but at least the whole fiasco made you realize you're ready for motherhood. You'd be such a great mom! It would be just like the time you fell into a trance and kidnapped the makeup artist's baby, only totally legal.

Everyone I know is pulling for you this season, probably because your virtues and flaws are so familiar: You look out for your friends, you treat stress with doughnuts, and you have no idea just how smart and attractive and lovable you are. (I could have kissed you when the cute coffee-delivery guy called you a sexy librarian and you got all defensive: "What? Sexy?! You are, shut up!") You're our Super-Everywoman, clumsily but bravely waging all those perennial battles: achieving a sane work-life balance, managing a staff without becoming a tyrant or a pushover, getting through a date without shooting the guy in the butt (accidentally, but still!).

What I love best about you, Liz, is that beneath your geeky-gawky exterior, there's something insatiable about you. You're a ball of nervous energy, buzzing ambition, and intense appetites for love, loyalty, creative inspiration, the perfect wicked comeback, hormone-tweaking cheese puffs, the works. I bet it's exhausting to live so ravenously, but I don't think you'd have it any other way. I remember that day around lunchtime when someone asked if you were hungry and you replied, with a firm little smile, "Always." That's our girl.

Love & snacks,
Jessica Winter


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