For me, a home without dogs would be like a library without books. Sadie, Sunny, Layla, Luke and Lauren are sensitive, silly, soulful, playful, intuitive, curious and deeply sweet. They are my definition of unconditional love. They're family! And this month I'm delighted to share a glimpse of their world, from their perspective...

Let's give standing in front of the door ten more minutes, then grab a bite to eat?

We like to start the day with a long walk. So does our beloved leader. If only she liked to chase birds!

Our pal Jimmy Fallon sent us Tonight Show sweaters last Christmas. Thanks, Jimmy! #BestInShow

The woman just can't enough of me! #besties

Everybody in the pool! Can you say doggy paddle?

We get our man Stedman some real exercise by taking him for a hike. Golf, schmolf.

After a long day of making people fall madly in love with me, I'm off to dinner with friends. #LivingMyBestLife

Photos: Oprah on grass and walking dogs: Harpo Inc./Jose Tutiven. Oprah in circle: Miller Mobley/August.


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